Group Of The Year Award winner two years running!

Vermont Mensa has just been announced as the 2011 Group Of The Year Award winner (July 1).  This is the second year in a row Vermont Mensa has earned this honor.  Each year five groups in American Mensa recieve this award - one in each of five size Classes.  In 2010, Vermont Mensa won in Class V (less than 100 members).  This year we won in Class IV (100 - 199 members).  See for more information about GOTYA.  Way to go!

To quote Ron Popeil, "But wait, there's more..." Vermont Mensa has also earned the nationwide 2011 Prolific Owl Award for largest percentage of growth in all chapters. And last year Vermont Mensa earned Honorable Mention in this category.

We look forward to keeping this momentum going as we plow through 2011 and tear things apart in 2012!

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